Find nice and affordable accommodation and and daily flat rentals in many cities of Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine.
Apartments for rent in St-Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Mariupol, Kherson, Minsk, Grodno and Chisinau.
Dating with Belarusian Woman Yuliya from Grodno, Belarus
Dating Site to Meet Stunning Ukrainian Woman Oksana from Kharkov, Ukraine
Meet Pretty Ukrainian Girl Nataliya from Vinnitsa, Ukraine
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Meet Single Belarusian Girl Nataliya from Grodno, Belarus
Charming Belarusian Bride Svetlana from Grodno, Belarus
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Dating Site to Meet Yuliya from Grodno, Belarus
Russian Woman Seeking Men - Lyubov from Chisinau, Moldova
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Alain, You will get a book of thank you letters soon as I found the one in a million for me in Grodno. Just returned from my 2nd trip in two months I think and I am very exstatic in saying that I am engaged to the finest girl for me in the world without a doubt. Not only in beauty but all those little descriptive phrases like my best friend, soul mate, 110% chemically attracted, I am out of words as they dont describe her well enough. I love that place Grodno, and of course, Maya always looks after me there. Anything is really appreciated, you are a god in my eyes right now. Last thing I have to tell you. In less than one day with Svetlana, I felt more comfortable, relaxed, just really happy than compared to even years of any other woman I have ever met, and I am not just saying thiese things. What a friendly, good hearted, morally supreme group of people. Thanks for your recommendation about Grodno. Joe W., Houston
Hi Yulia and Alain. Firstly I would like to say what a first class site you have here. I really feel confident when dealing with you guys and over time we have established a bond of trust. I went to Odessa looking for my other half and I must say I think I have found her. I found the whole trip was well organised from Elena and Larisa both. Elena and Larisa where great with me, giving me help and advice when ever I wanted it. I look forward to seeing them again when I return to Odessa in the summer. Thankyou for all your help so far. Sincerely Geraint
Hi, First let me express my incredible appreciation for your amazing customer service one which is there for members for the duration. In a business over run with charlatans women aren`t members or worse Never Existed, you and your lovely wife are a breath of fresh air, beacon of light guiding. You have my admiration, my public support as the author Brandynn Ryan and my membership though I`m moving happily into the final phase. Brandynn
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Apartments for Rent and Hotel Rooms in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine


Apartments in Belarus

Apartments in Grodno, Belarus (5)

Apartments in Latvia

Apartments in Riga, Latvia (6)

Apartments in Moldova

Apartments in Chisinau, Moldova (3)

Apartments in Russia

Apartments in Astrakhan, Russia (6)
Apartments in Moscow, Russia (4)
Apartments in Novosibirsk, Russia (7)
Apartments in Pskov, Russia (5)
Apartments in Samara, Russia (6)
Apartments in Sevastopol, Russia (2)
Apartments in St. Petersburg, Russia (2)
Apartments in Tolyatti, Russia (5)
Apartments in Voronezh, Russia (1)

Apartments in Ukraine

Apartments in Cherkasy, Ukraine (3)
Apartments in Chernovtsy, Ukraine (2)
Apartments in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine (7)
Apartments in Kharkov, Ukraine (20)
Apartments in Kherson, Ukraine (7)
Apartments in Kiev, Ukraine (35)
Apartments in Mariupol, Ukraine (4)
Apartments in Melitopol, Ukraine (1)
Apartments in Nikolaev, Ukraine (9)
Apartments in Odessa, Ukraine (27)
Apartments in Poltava, Ukraine (21)
Apartments in Sumy, Ukraine (6)
Apartments in Uman, Ukraine (5)
Apartments in Vinnitsa, Ukraine (5)
Apartments in Zaporozhye, Ukraine (10)

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